As a church we are committed to World Mission. We support mission ventures both in the UK and abroad.  The following page outlines the different ministries that we support. 

Grace Baptist Mission

Grace Baptist Mission is a church-based mission, helping Grace Baptist churches to support and care for their missionaries worldwide. They are based in the United Kingdom, with a Mission Centre in Abingdon, and then work with local churches to support their missionaries in more than a dozen countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The Theological College Of Zimbabwe

The Theological College Of Zimbabwe provides theological training for Christian ministry. Ray Motsi is principal of the College and has visited Beccles Baptist Church in the past.

Caring for Life

Caring For Life is a Christian charity based in Yorkshire that seeks to help vulnerable people achieve a settled, contructive lifestyle. The charity does this by providing housing and daytime care that enable those cared for establish genuine emotional security, that many have never before received. For more information visit their website.

Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission are an international Christian development organisation that diagnoses, treats and offers specialist care, including reconstructive surgery, to leprosy patients. Their aim is to transform and empower the lives of people affected by leprosy motivated by the love of the Lord Jesus.