One of the great resources for us to grow in our faith as Christians are good books. In order to encourage and help us, as a church family, read through the same book we are producing a podcast called “The Reading Together Podcast”.

This podcast is simply a series of audio recordings of a conversations between Tom Fenning (pastor) and Peter Skerratt (assistant pastor). Each episode they will be talking through a chapter from Tim Chester’s book Enjoying God - a book all about how we can enjoy relationship with God as Father, Son and Spirit.

Enjoying God

The plan is to release two episodes a week. Each episode will cover one chapter and will last around 10 minutes. We think you’ll get the most out of the podcast if you manage to read the chapter before you listen. But we’re sure you’ll still benefit if you listen first and read later.

To get us started we’ve recorded a 5 minute introduction to the podcast below. We hope it gives you a flavour of what’s to come.

The podcast will be available from our YouTube channel and from other podcast providers. More details will be available in the days ahead.

In addition to making use of the podcast, do consider who else from church you could chat over what you’ve been reading. It’s a great encouragement to think that we are not just reading on our own but with other people. And it will do us a great deal of good to pray through what we are reading too.

Music produced by Joseph McDade see