Meeting Point heading WEB wide

Meeting Point aims to do what it says on the tin…

This new youth group will be called "Meeting Point" for the simple reason that we want it to be a meeting point: a place to meet new friends in a church-setting as well as a place to meet God for themselves each week.

What do we do each week?

For now we’re meeting on Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:15pm (before the 6:30pm service) for some fun, food, and seeing what God has to say to us at our stage of life: this might be working through a chunk of the bible or tackling some of the tough questions teenagers have and life issues they face. A rough outline of this time together will look something like this:

  • Arrival: roughly 30 minutes of fun and food. Most likely this will involve all sorts of games!
  • Teaching time: around 20 minutes. The format will vary, depending on the topic: sometimes it’ll be an interactive talk, other times more of a group discussion about a bible passage.
  • End: 25 minutes of more chilled games (etc board games, consoles, air hockey).

After this, a number of the young people stay on for the 6:30pm evening service where sit together. As leaders, we do all we can to help the young people get used to this and to help them follow. *If your child is not able to stay on, please do arrange lifts for them at 6:15pm from outside the front of the building.*

To find out more or get in touch, message Tom (Pastor) at