• Who am I?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Who is God?
  • Can I make contact with him?

Identity is a seven-week course that examines the Gospel of John to clear up the confusion about who we are and who God is. Each session reveals more about the identity and mission of Jesus and shows why he is the key to life and the one who can answer our big questions.

Our next course starts on WEDNESDAY 1st JULY. We’ll be meeting from 7.30-9.00pm for five weeks.

Want to sign up? e-mail peter@becclesbaptistchurch.co.uk for a ZOOM link (the online forum we’ll be using).

Nothing is assumed.

Everything is explained.

Anything can be asked.

Sunday Services

Sunday Morning Service

We meet every Sunday at 10:30am to praise God, speak to him in prayer and hear what he has to say to us. A typical morning service consists of 5-6 songs (a mixture of traditional and modern), prayers and a talk from the Bible.

There are groups for children from 0-14 years every week. These are led by experienced and committed volunteers. All children start in the service. After we’ve sung one or two songs, we have a 5-minute children’s talk then the children head out to their groups. See our below for more information.

If you aren’t used to going to church, you’ll find everything is explained and you are under no obligation to take part in anything you’d find uncomfortable. Church leaders are always on hand to answer any questions you have after the service.

The morning service typically ends a little before 12pm. At the end of the service tea and coffee are served and there’s plenty of time to talk with people.

Sunday Evening Service

Our 6:30pm service is another opportunity for people of all ages to gather together. The service includes time singing praise to God, normally 5-6 songs (a mixture of traditional and modern), speaking to God in prayer, reading the Bible and hearing it preached.

The service ends between 7:45pm & 8pm. After the service has ended there’s tea and coffee and many people stay around to talk together.

Preaching the Bible

Central to our Sunday services is clear and engaging teaching from the Bible. Our commitment to preaching stems from the conviction that when God’s word is preached, in dependence on the Spirit, God’s voice is heard.