Following on from the church Daily Bible Reading Plan from 2019 we have another reading plan for 2020. This will take us through the whole New Testament and Psalms as well as the first half of the Old Testament.

We’re convinced there is no more significant personal habit to form as a Christian than the habit of daily reading our Bibles and praying. Many of us found reading the same portion of the Bible together as a church family a real encouragement. It’s our hope that we will again be encouraged in our Bible reading by reading the same portion of the Bible together.

There are copies of the Bible Reading Plan booklet available at the church buidling. Details of what we’ll be reading will also be available on the church website.

To help us get to grips with the Old Testament books we are going to produce a 3 minute video introducing each of the books. This will open up some of the big themes and provide a simple structure to the book. In addition to these videos we have also provided questions for each Old Testament book at the back of the booklet, and also on the website. (There are longer introductory videos produced by The Bible Project that we’ll also provide links to on the website.)

As before there are questions for each New Testament book as well in the booklet.

If you think you’ll be able to only cover one of the Bible readings we’d encourage you to stick with the New Testament and Psalms. But if you have time to read two readings then please do join us in reading both the New and Old Testament readings each day.

Visit the Bible Reading Plan tab in the main menu to find out more

or download it here: BBC Daily Bible Reading Booklet 2020__pdf